Low Density Tapes

Low Density PTFE Tape

Ideal for microwave and coaxial cable applications

Low density (LD) PTFE tape is made from an expanded, pure PTFE designed to achieve low dielectric constant, crush resistance, fast elastic recovery, and high tensile strength for microwave and coaxial cable applications. Besides excellent electrical, thermal and chemical properties, low density PTFE tape provides reduced signal loss in high performance cables when handling microwave energy in the high frequency (GHz) range.


Insulation Properties

Low density PTFE tape is made through a “stretching” process that results in the product being filled with air, which makes it an excellent insulator for wire and cable where high signal speeds are required. This process also reduces its weight, adding value to aerospace and satellite applications.

High Break Strength

The manufacturing process for low density PTFE tape creates a structure of nodes and fibers, in which the nodes hold the stretch fibrils together, resulting in significantly increased strength compared to unsintered tapes. Tests show the tensile strength for a five mil thick low density PTFE tape is four times higher than the competitor’s low density PTFE tape.

Superior Crush Resistance

Crush resistance is extremely beneficial for insulation properties for microwave and coaxial cable applications in the radar, telecommunications and aerospace industries. The dimensionally stable and crush-resistant low density PTFE tape outperforms the consistency and reliability of conventional low density tape.

Storing Recommendations for Low Density Tapes

Technetics recommends that our PTFE tapes are stored and maintained in a controlled environment and the shelf life shall not exceed five (5) years. A controlled environment shall be clean and temperature at or below 72°F (22°C) with relative humidity not to exceed 50%. In addition, all material must be stored in its original condition and shipping containers. Should this become a concern, please contact us to discuss your specific requirements.

Typical Properties

Type Low Density
Density 0.7 g/cc
Machine Direction Tensile Strength 4,000 psi min
(3mil thick)

Machine Direction Elongation

75% min
Thickness Range 3.0 – 10.0 mil
Width Range 1/4" – 6"
Length Range Varies by tape thickness, width, and put-up
Available Colors Natural
Laser Printable No
Typical Packaging 3" ID core; Traverse/Level up to 5/8"; Pad 5/8" and up; Step Pack; custom




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