PTFE Thread Seal Tapes

Breaks clean without shredding or warping

Our self-lubricating PTFE thread seal tape provides quick, clean, economical sealing of male pipe threads while reducing the risk of contaminations common to liquid and paste sealants. It tears cleanly and seals neatly so you can use less tape on the job.


Made In USA

At Technetics Group, we manufacture our PTFE thread seal tapes from raw powder to finished product.

UL Mark of Safety

Our PTFE thread seal tapes meet UL requirements (MH18499, Seal Material)

Mil Spec CID A-A 58092

Our full density premium and gas line tapes meet Mil Spec CID A-A 58092 for liquid and gaseous oxygen applications.

Please note that spec MIL-T27730A is obsolete and was superseded by CID A-A-58092. For more information: Click Here.


White - All industrial applications. Made from virgin PTFE
Pink - For use in plumbing and pipe fittings (water and steam lines)
Gray - For stainless steel pipe/fittings
Green - For oxygen applications
Yellow - For gas line use

Private Labeling

Available upon request.


Our premium high density PTFE thread seal tape is 100% maintenance-free and virtually chemically inert, non-toxic, non-absorbent and non-flammable. It will withstand temperatures from -450°F (-240°C) to 500°F (260°C).

Drinking Water Thread Seal

Thread seal tapes for drinking water systems and components are available upon request.

Typical Properties

Grade Standard Grade (Standard Density) Premium Grade (High Density) Premium Grade (Full Density) Premium Grade - Yellow (Full Density)
Description The economical choice More sealing power Maximum sealing power. So efficient, you can use less tape. Complies with certain building codes requiring yellow, thicker, more dense tape for gas service lines
Color White or colors White or colors White or colors Yellow
Density 0.7 g/cc 1.0 g/cc 1.5 g/cc 1.5 g/cc
Thickness 0.0035" 0.0035" 0.0035" 0.0035"
Standard Widths & Lengths ¼" x 260" ¼" x 520" ¼" x 1296" ¼" x 1296"
½" x 260"
½" x 520" ½" x 1296" ½" x 1296"
¾" x 260" ¾" x 520" ¾" x 1296" ¾" x 1296"
1" x 260" 1" x 520" 1" x 1296" 1" x 1296"
Quantity 144 rolls per box 144 rolls per box 144 rolls per box 144 rolls per box




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