Construction Market

Construction Market

Friction control PTFE solutions for infrastructure and construction applications

Our innovative PTFE and bonding technologies provide exceptional friction control performance and critical durability in some of the most demanding construction and infrastructure applications on earth.

From bridges to pipelines to dams, wherever components move in relation to each other, our solutions offer unparalleled safety and reliability through extreme weather, loads and shocks.

Our proprietary sodium ammonia fluoropolymer etching process results in a far more durable, resilient bond for employing PTFE or other polymers in moving components on bridges. In dams, our PTFE solutions provide excellent wear properties, low friction and corrosion resistance in roller and radial gate applications.

Common construction and infrastructure applications include slide bearings and rubber laminations where anti-stick properties are needed during freezing conditions. Etching can be performed on one or multiple surfaces and on flat or contoured surfaces. Our expert applications engineers can work with you to identify the ideal material and etching process for your need.

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