Unsintered Tapes & Films

Unsintered PTFE Tapes & Films

Versatile, medium-density option for aerospace and industrial applications

Featuring a high modulus of elasticity, excellent color vibrancy and high laser marking contrast, our unsintered tapes and films are available in a wide range of standard and custom configurations to meet your critical application needs. Using the highest quality raw PTFE, our proprietary blending technologies produce the most consistent color, thickness and performance characteristics in the industry. We are thoroughly experienced in producing to ASTM, military specifications, SAE aerospace specifications, and certified to ISO 9001:2008.

Storing Recommendations for Unsintered Tapes

For maximum shelf life, it is recommended that Technetics unsintered tapes are stored in a clean, temperature-controlled environment (at or below 72F) with relative humidity below 50%.


Typical Properties

Type Unsintered
Density 1.6 g/cc
Machine Direction Tensile Strength 2,500 psi min
(2mil thick)

Machine Direction Elongation

75% min
Thickness Range 1.5 – 25.0 mil
Width Range 1/4" – 6"
Length Range Varies by tape thickness, width, and put-up
Available Colors White, Clear, Standard and Custom colors
Laser Printable Yes
Typical Packaging 3" ID core; Traverse/Level up to 5/8"; Pad 5/8" and up; Step Pack; custom


  • Power feeder cables
  • In-flight entertainment wiring
  • Power cables for seats, cockpit, & other critical areas
  • Hose insulation
  • Hose liners
  • Expansion joints


UV Laser Unsintered Tapes


Standard Unsintered Tapes


Low Density Unsintered Tapes


Conductive Unsintered Tapes


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