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Standard Grade Unsintered Tapes

Standard Grade Unsintered Tapes

Ideal for aircraft and thermocouple applications

Technetics PTFE & Polymer Solutions Standard Grade unsintered tape meets a wide range of requirements for temperature, fire and chemical resistance. Made from high-quality raw resin, our highly homogenous PTFE blends provide uniform properties along the entire roll length, no matter what fillers or additives the application may require. Our proprietary manufacturing techniques ensure that our Standard Grade tape solution meets your exact physical, thermal and practical requirements.

Typical Properties

Property / Thickness 0.0020"
Density (Typical) 1.6 g/cm3
Tensile Strength (Machine Direction) Typical 3,400 psi
(23.4 MPa)
3,200 psi
(22.1 MPa)
3,000 psi
(20.7 MPa)
2,400 psi
(16.5 MPa)
2,400 psi
(16.5 MPa)
AS22759 (min) 1,300 psi (9.0 MPa)
Elongation (Machine Direction) Typical 150% 150% 200% 230% 250%
AS22759 (min) 50%
Dielectric Strength (Breakdown Voltage) Typical 2,000 V/mil (78.7 kV/mm)
AS22759 (min) 700 V/mil (27.6 kV/mm)


Wire and Cable
  • Commercial and military aircraft: hook-up wires, airframe, power feeder, in-flight entertainment, data cables
  • Thermocouple cables
  • Hook-up wire for high reliability electrical and electronic equipment
  • Hose liners: aircraft and missile hydraulic and pneumatic systems, fuel and lubrication feeders; oxygen systems


Standard Unsintered Tapes


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