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In early 2016, a Technetics Group sales representative reached out to a lapsed industrial distribution customer. The customer was delighted to learn that Technetics was offering AMILONTM, a filled PTFE product that offers better value and availability than a competing product.

This material is a virgin PTFE reinforced with proprietary fillers such as glass, graphite, moly or bronze to enhance the wear properties and deformation strength under load. While PTFE is known for its low coefficient of friction, we are able to formulate combinations of various fillers to meet rigid application requirements. Basic shapes or machined components are available, which are custom fabricated from the material for a variety of applications including seals, piston rings, bearings, and electrical isolators.

The distribution customer of Technetics had originally tried to acquire material from a competitor of Technetics but due to the extensive lead times, they were unable to provide the product to their customer.

Technetics recommended this customer try AMILON™, a family of PTFE-based materials designed as direct equivalents to its competitor. AMILON™ specialty materials can incorporate a wide range of fillers, including glass, graphite, moly or bronze. They are also easily identified by their distinct colors, including the white FDA-approved AMILON™ 3. More and more, engineers are specifying the use of AMILON™ as an equivalent to the competitive offering due to the performance, availability and value it provides.

A primary benefit is the shorter lead time for AMILON™. “We were able to ship AMILON™ in less than four weeks,” Technetics Eastern US Sales representative Barry Anderson said. “And the value of the product was extremely competitive when compared to its competing equivalent so our customer was able to provide a quote to their customer to win this business.”

According to Anderson, the differences in lead time and value are attributable to the different business models of Technetics and its competitors. Another advantage of the AMILON™ material Technetics manufactures is the channel to market used for the sale of AMILONTM versus the competitors who only sell through exclusive distribution.

Customers specifying AMILON™ benefit from the lead time, performance, and value afforded by them working directly with Technetics Houston. They also have direct access to Technetics sales engineers, who are extremely knowledgeable about both the product and its applications.

This industrial distributor has already placed two additional orders, with more to come.

AMILON™ is available in molded rods or cylinders and skived or molded sheets. To learn more about AMILONTM, download the AMILONTM PDF, or contact a Technetics PTFE Representative for guidance in selecting the right material for your application.

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