Technetics PTFE & Polymer Solutions' AMILOY® PTFE and PEEK materials (grades 6, 9, 10, 15, 16, 21, 23) have passed the requirements of API 6A "Specification for Wellhead and Christmas Tree Equipment" section Fl.13.5.2. AMILOY brand grades are high performance, custom PTFE and PEEK compounds designed for critical sealing applications required for extreme environments. Technetics Group tested AMILOY materials, following the API 6A immersion testing procedure, in a hydrocarbon fluid (diesel) charged to 1,000 psig with a hydrogen sulfide gas mixture (10 percent H2S/80 percent C02/10 percent CH4) heated to 392°F/200°C and exposed for 160 hours. The exposure was performed to determine the effect of this chemical solution on the material mechanical properties. After the exposure the specimens did not show any visible surface damage. Some general observations of the resulting data from these specimens indicate the mass and volume changes increased but not by more than 2.3 percent and 3.3 percent, respectively. The materials were given a pass designation based on a percent change < 20 percent in hardness, ultimate tensile strength and percent elongation at break.

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